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Cheapest Flight To Denver

cheapest flight to denver

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  • John (1943–97), US country and pop singer and songwriter and actor; born Henry John Deutschendorf. He celebrated the simple life and his love of Colorado in his songs such as “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (1971), “Rocky Mountain High” (1972), and “Sunshine on My Shoulders” (1974). He also acted in movies, most notably Oh, God! (1977)

  • the state capital and largest city of Colorado; located in central Colorado on the South Platte river

  • The Denver Dry Goods Company, also known as "The Denver", was established in Denver, Colorado in 1879 by Michael. J. McNamara and L.H. Flanders as M.J. McNamara & Company and later The McNamara Dry Goods Company .

  • Union Station is Denver, Colorado, USA's historic train station at 17th and Wynkoop in the LoDo district. The station first opened in 1881.

Taking the 06:00 Out Of ATL

Taking the 06:00 Out Of ATL

This is a single image HDR so therefore technically Tone Mapped not HDR.

Returning from Denver on a cheap red-eye flight, we had the "pleasure" of visiting Atlanta airport. Sleep was fleeting during the layover. While we were nearing our flight departure time, I noticed this young man waiting for the same flight and liked the contrast of the red jacket and shoes against the aesthetically lovely airport green upholstery theme and the dawn outside. A couple of nice things about shooting with an FZ30 are that you can make it completely silent and with the flip-down LCD you can get photos without anyone even realizing it.

The original image was taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ30, ISO80, 1/5 sec resting it on my knee, f/3.2, 20mm (short tele on the FZ30), program mode. HDR/tone mapping done using Luminance/Qtpfsgui with the setup parameters shown below. Additional PP using GIMP with certain artifacts being removed using elements of the original image (notably in the jacket), curves to get the tone range looking more "normal", some saturation decrease to the red in the jacket and shoes, sharpen, crop,add border, scale to 1024 wide for posting.

Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 tonemapping parameters:
Operator: Mantiuk
Contrast Mapping factor: 0.1
Saturation Factor: 1.2
Detail Factor: 2
PreGamma: 1

Denver, Colorado - from around 48K feet

Denver, Colorado - from around 48K feet

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#378 on Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Taken from a plane, somwhere between Midway in Chicago, Illinois and McCarran in Las Vegas, Nevada. This large city was right on the edge of the mountains (presumably the Rocky Mountains), so I can only assume that the city was Denver, Colorado.

Thanks to sellinstix for definitely identifying the city of Denver. I added more notes to nearby suburbs and interchanges, based on Google Maps.

cheapest flight to denver

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