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British Airways Sale Flights

british airways sale flights

    british airways
  • British Airways plc (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom which is based and headquartered in Waterside, near its main hub at London Heathrow Airport.

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Aircraft Number 214
Current registration G-BOAG
Manufacturer's Serial Number 100 -014
Production Variant Number 102
Maiden Flight 21st April 1978 : Filton, England
British Airways delivery 6th February 1980
Registration history:- First Registered as G-BFKW on 27th January 1978 to British Aerospace

Re-registered as G-BOAG by British Airways on 9th February 1981

De-Registered - 4th May 2004
Final Flight November 5th 2003 - JFK- BFI (LHR-JFK - Nov 3rd 2003)
Hours Flown 16,239hrs 27mins
Landings 5,633
Supersonic Cycles 5,066
Current Useage Retired from passenger service to Museum of flight, Seattle

Notes : Concorde 214 had a less than glamorous start to its life as G-BFKW. After manufacture and with no buyer, it was loaned via a sale or return agreement to British Airways, to cover for a 6 month period, while G-BOAC was being repaired at Filton.

After an aborted flight to New York on 26th April 1980 the aircraft was grounded with a water contaminated hydraulic system. the contamination had induced an intake ramp failure at Mach 2, which in turn lead to engine surges. The aircraft did not fly again for more than a year, but at a cost of one million pounds was re-entered into service, this time as G-BOAG, in Feb 1981.

With a lack of parts for it's Concorde fleet BA grounded and used "Alpha Golf" as it main spares source for a period of time up until 1984 when with parts availabe from the newly acquired G-BBDG. "G-BOAG" was returned to service and was the first to fly the the BA "Landor" livery in preparation for the eventual floatation of British Airways on the London Stock Exchange.

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Faced with coming up with a stand-out campaign for British Airways’ latest “World Offers” sale, BBH in London has hit on a ingenious solution: to do a tie-up between the airline and Google, whose account is also held by the agency.

While the ads are firmly for BA, they utilise Google’s nifty Google Earth technology, which allows users to zoom from space down onto a specific street, hotel or restaurant anywhere in the world. For the BA sale, there’s a special BA “layer” of Google Earth that you can visit, offering the opportunity for users to fly into 111 World Offer destinations and check out crucial info such as how far your hotel is from the beach, and of course how much the flight will cost.

“The idea itself is very simple, which is why it works,” says BBH planning director Ben Malbon, the brains behind the brand tie-in. “I know Google wanted to use Google Earth on TV but hadn’t found a partner for it. And the World Offers are really crucial for BA, but the problem they have is how to get people excited about them in a crowded market.”

The resulting campaign is fully integrated, with both brands mutually benefiting from the link: Google gets its mapping technology subtly advertised on TV, while BA gets a cool gadget that will drive punters to their website,, and encourage them to “stick” there and play with Google Earth. This tie-up is so right it seems obvious, but could it also spell the beginning of multi-brand ads?

british airways sale flights

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